The medicines we require the use of valuable resources, including energy, water, and raw materials. We know that the way we operate our business today can have a long-lasting impact. LIPAKINDIA takes a holistic approach to understanding and managing our environmental impacts across the product life cycle. To operate most sustainably, we are committed to conducting our business in an environmentally, socially, and financially responsible manner and to making the world a better place to live in. We strive to achieve this goal through our educational, environmental and personal healthcare programs. We consider the protection of the environment as our primary responsibility. In this regard, all our processes and technologies are implemented to work in that direction. A clean and a green environment is an absolute necessity and we ensure this by planting trees on a large scale. We will actively support various environmental organizations in their crusade to make this place a better world to live in.

LIPAKINDIA believes in health and education. 

We are always ready to help young children attend school, who might otherwise not get the chance. Our goal is to empower disadvantaged children through good basic education.

Patient s education:

We believe that it’s not enough to make affordable world-class medication. To really make a difference, patients should be well informed about the nature of their illness and the treatment. That’s why we will work closely with the doctor community - to dispel myths regarding the disease, raise awareness, provide educational material…so that patients can improve their lifestyle, take their medication properly, and lead a better quality of life.

Some exemplary patient services by LIPAKINDIA in future:

• Dedicated educational material – for diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, thyroid related and also for depression. 

• Unique, easy-to-understand multimedia tools – booklets and posters on various ailments written by our in-house medical team, in different Indian languages (besides English), to help patients understand their health problems better.

• Patient-friendly packaging – with easy instructions and simple icons to motivate the patient to complete the full therapy.

• Usage of new media – For example, sms campaigns to remind patients not to forget their dose.

Lipakindia understands the responsibility to protect our environment for us and our future generations. We share a belief that the right to exist in an environment of clean air, clean earth and clean water is fundamental for the people.