Quality, Compliance & EHS


Business processes and policies are designed to achieve quality results that exceed the expectations of patients, customers, colleagues and regulators:

• The products and services are safe, effective and of the highest quality.

• To achieve consistently high standards of quality, and ensure principles of quality assurance are complied with and evaluated for continuous improvement.

Ensure that every employee is committed to maintaining the Corporate Quality Requirement. The entire company is committed to quality improvement process.The documentation system and customized batch documents assure that requirements have been met. These documents are reviewed and updated as necessary to maintain quality standards.



Quality & compliance are the foundation upon which LIPAKINDIA has been built.

LIPAKINDIA meets and, in many cases, continues to invest in people, processes and equipment to ensure that LIPAKINDA remains a quality leader in every aspect of our business. Our Quality System is the cornerstone of our operations and through rigorous training, & process controls; we ensure that all products meet the highest quality standards achievable.


Environment, Health & Safety

The health & safety of our employees is paramount. At LIPAKINDIA, we are responsible for our workers, our environment, and above all, responsible to our customers.

Protecting our workers and the environment is a key priority at LIPAKINDIA. With professional representation at each of our sites, the EH&S team ensures that employees are trained in safety and handling of hazardous materials.